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Perils of the Overachiever

Never go first down the garden path
life’s a journey, it isn’t a race,
and the person who’s first is always the one
who gets cobwebs in her face.



I remember laughing at life
when I out ran it.
Standing there, well past the finish line,
winded, bent over and panting,
my hands on my knees.
Waiting for life to catch up to me.

We’ve run together for many years now,
neck and neck,
jockeying for position but,
in the end, taking turns
waiting for each by the finish line of each day.

Some days now life runs ahead of me
gives me an exasperated backwards glance,
stops for a moment and
taps its toe impatiently,
waiting for me to catch up.

One day I will tell it to go on without me.
I’ll tell it that I’ll catch up later
even though I know I won’t.
One day.
Not today though.
Today I’ll run along side life
for all I’m worth.



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