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To Find the Rainbow’s End

First a blindfold because everyone knows
if you chase a rainbow with your eyes
open it will run away.
Like a butterfly startled by your shadow or
a wave that flattens on the shore.

Then a good friend. One who won’t play
tricks or laugh if you fall down.
Someone who knows right from
left and can give good directions.

Now walk.
With your friend calling cold,
warm, hot, or not.
Guiding your stumbling steps
to the root of the rainbow.
But beware.
Pull off the blindfold and
the rainbow will run.

But your friend will see it still,
see it ripple over you in a multi-hued state of grace.
The beauty of the rainbow is fleeting and vicarious,
to be enjoyed by those who rejoice
in the happiness of others.



Thank you, Tony, for the inspiration. 

After the Rain

Mornings after rain
are filled with new beginnings,
sunlight, and wonder.

Sunlight through water
kindles rainbows and a dream
to follow ‘til night.

Night brings the release,
sparks and rumbles in the dark
‘til morning shines through.



The Number of Our Days

If our days are numbered
by the times that our heart beats
it seems an awful shame that
so much is spent in sleep,

so much spent cleaning bathrooms,
or washing up the dishes,
too little spent in berry picking
rambles in the ditches.

so little time spent searching
for the rainbow’s end,
for beauty or for wonder,
or for time spent with a friend.

So if our days are numbered
by the times that our heart beats
please let me use each second left
to make it twice as sweet.



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