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Sun falls through the trees
raven shadows call to me,
flicker ‘cross my face.

I will hold this day;
The smell of the forest floor,
soft wind on my face,

rough bark ‘neath my hand.
The tang of wild raspberry
lingers on my tongue.

I will hold this day.
Take it out and set it free
some cold winter’s night.


R is for Raven

Raucous raven roosts on railing
ranting, in the rising rays.
Ratty, raddled, rabble raiser,
ready reaver roams and raves.

Ravaging the rubbish, reaping
refuse as his rank repast.
Rattling with righteous ruckle
reciting rhymes with riant rasp.

Rascal, robbing random relics.
Rogue, regard my rambling request.
Retreat to rackety, rickety, rookery.
Refrain from ransoming my rest.


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