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Redemption Dream

Last night I had a dream that a rapture had occurred
and all the Gods and Deities had swooped down on the world.
They called their loyal followers and took them all away
but Mother Earth said ‘Hold on. I’ve got something to say.”
“What about the evil ones? You’ve gotta take them too.
Send them all to Hell ‘cause the Devil must have his due.”

So with saints and sinners nestled in their eternal homes
the ones the Earth held on to didn’t wail and didn’t moan.
Mother Earth had chosen all the ones who loved her best
She said ‘Hang on, little children, it’s time to clean this mess.
And with a shake she scattered the pollution from her skin;
the filth and the corruption went flying in the wind.

She said “I know you’re capable of doing these things right.
so please keep our home tidy, and for goodness sake don’t fight.
Because if there’s a next time I won’t clean things up for you.
So don’t make me come back there – whatever you do!’
Don’t want to  go to Heaven on wings or to Hell on skids.
I just want a world that’s clean that I can leave my kids.


Rake Up Your Own New Leaves

Do not look to me for forgiveness
that assumes I have felt wronged, that lays
the blame at my feet for reacting in some way
that you did not foresee,
or didn’t care about at the time.
Only you can forgive yourself for things you have done
or believe you have done.

Do not look to me for redemption.
I was not involved in your fall, so do not
shift the responsibility for your rise to my shoulders.
I am not a convenient project you can use
to expunge your guilt over past selfishness.
Only you can redeem your soul by going back
and fixing what’s really broken.

I am no tabula rasa, no note from home,
no ‘get out of jail’ card,
I am no saint.
Look to yourself.
Look hard and close.
Make your own judgements.
Make your own decisions on what is right.
Look to me only for love.


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