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Rainbows Day and Night

Morning rainbows hang.
Pendant prism reflections
shiver in our breath.

Palms cupped together
hold the sunbeam’s refractions.
Hands filled with colour.

Moonlit prisms gleam.
An eerie rainbow reaches
blindly from midnight.

A glimpse of ghost light
glancing in pale reflections,
Flickers in star glow.

The Dark Before the Dawn

In the dark before the dawn
when all things merge to black and grey
I wonder what would happen if
one morning they just stayed that way.

If the light lost all its power
to refract the spectrum’s hues
and everything stayed black and white
no reds or yellows, greens or blues.

Like I thought the world once was
before colour photography
when I was small and leafing through
old photos of my family

In rickety photo albums filled
with relatives, all long gone.
Grey smiles, grey clothes, grey sunsets
that turn to dark before the dawn,

where all things merge to black and grey
before the lights turn on.


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