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Thoughts on Morality

A truly moral person does the right thing.
Not because rules, laws, or dogma say they must.
Not out of fear of retribution or punishment if they don’t.
Not for personal gain, praise, or reward.
Not because it is expedient, or easy.
The truly moral person does what’s right
because it is right.



Read You Right

I look wistfully at my empty cup.
“More tea?” you ask, already knowing the answer,
lazy Sundays and second cups of tea
being a tradition of sorts.
You read, I write,
laying abed late, relaxing into the morning.
You stand and I read your body.
Your back is out again.
Not a lot, just enough to make your normally
straight stance a tad crooked.
“Back sore?” I ask, already knowing the answer.
You don’t admit to pain lightly.
“I’m alright” you answer.
I read you



Left from Right

Is there anywhere left in the world
Where every sight is beauty?
Where every sound is music?
Where souls bathe in serenity
And the air is so clean it sings in the lungs?
Is there anywhere left in the world
Where time is gone and forgotten?
Where then and when is now?
Where progress is to breathe
And words are carried off on the wind?

Is there anywhere left in the world?
Is there anywhere right in the world?



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