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Ear Worm

My brain is like a two year old
who’s learned a brand new trick
and the song that it’s repeating
is going to make me sick.

It’s not that it’s a bad song
or one that’s not deserving
of airplay, but three days straight
is getting quite unnerving.

Every time I stop to think
my brain’s new song is playing,
my health’s begun to suffer
and my sanity is fraying.

It seems the only chance of peace
is taking drastic action
and teaching brain another song
as some form of distraction.

And though I know my one track brain
will just switch songs, at best.
At this point I believe a change
is as good as a rest.


Earworm, Earworm,
measuring my sanity.
You and your repeating tune
are going to drive me mad.

Earworm, Earworm,
measuring my sanity
This is the result, it seems,
when melodies go bad.


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