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The Beautiful Place

I’m dreaming awake, with my eyes wide open
the world rolls by and nobody notices
dreams behind my eyes
oh, the dreams behind my eyes.

My mind’s eye is a beautiful place
where I can go when I don’t want to race
with the rats or the mice
and their constant advice
about who I am
about who I am.

I’m walking away, without moving
and no one suspects that I might be choosing
a path they’ve never seen
Oh, a path they’ve never seen

I’m floating away from the storms outside
my heart finds the peace of a hurricane’s eye
in just being still
in still being still.



If you think this reads like a song, you’re right. I’ve already put down the working tracks in Bill’s studio and will be working on this song in the future. Who knows, maybe it’ll make it to the CD.  😉

I Choose

I choose how my time will pass,
forward, backward, slow or fast.
I decide which words to heed,
the life I lead, and what I need.

You choose which road you will tread
which words you will leave unsaid.
You decide how you react
when attacked by random facts.

We choose, every day we live,
what to withhold to what to give.
We choose what we know is true.
I choose you, I choose you.


This is Good Morning

This is my apology for projecting
my fears and frustrations onto you.
You are not a blank wall or a white sheet.
This is not the Can’t Film Festival.
No one’s getting an award for best angst.
This is life.
The only true awards will be the smiles along the way.
This is me taking a deep breath, sucking it up, and carrying on.
This is a good morning because we believe it to be so.




One step, but which way?
Close my eyes and see the path,
open my mind, walk.



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