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Dreaming My Cold Away

When I have a cold,
when I’m stuck in bed,
I close my eyes and dream
I’m somewhere else instead.

Sitting on the beach
with my toes in the sand,
a cool glass of something
sweating in my hand.

Or I see myself gardening
Planting hopeful seeds,
tucking in the plantlets,
and turfing out the weeds.

Or maybe I am drifting
on a lake in our canoe.
My paddle dips and dives
like the loons and loonlings do.

While I’m lying in my bed
trying not to swallow
there is no shining memory
I won’t pull up and follow.

Till the microscopic menace
loosens up its fetters
and I can truly say
“I think I’m feeling better.”

But until then I’ll close my eyes
and dream my cold away
with ideas for summer projects
and plans for sunny days.



My Cold

Juice, jello, gingerale, vitamin C
Homemade chicken noodle soup, fireweed tea
Echinacea, bed rest, heating pad, naps.
Tissues, Vicks and cough drops. Feeling like crap.

Hot bath, soft blanket, well fluffed pillow
hot lemon honey and a couple Advil. Oh
nothing’s getting done till this cold takes a hike.
Good books, good movies, good grief, goodnight.

The Cold War

Some enterprising cold germs occupied my throat today
in an over night incursion  –  in a stealthy, sneak attack .
While I slept they planted flag poles, declaring their intention
to conquer and to colonize my respiratory tract.

I can feel them making forays as they do a reconnoiter
gathering the intel that they need to make a play
to revoke my immunity, to throw down my defences.
I need a secret weapon to throw into the fray.

So I douse them down with grape juice laced with Echinacea.
I rest and I drink fluids and eat vitamin C pills.
I’ll not further the imperialist agenda of these cold germs
by going out and coughing  and making others ill.

I’ll fight this battle on the home front and I will give no quarter,
as the advancing forces offer no quarter to me.
As soon as I’m victorious I resume my place among you
but til then, wish me luck, I’ve put myself in quarantine.



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