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Tender Hearts

I awoke to the moon,
like a giant, celestial snail creeping
across the night sky,
leaving a sparkling trail of light
in her wake.
Haunting the trees
with silver ghosts
and half forgotten memories
of full moons
and hard stars
and tender hearts.


We are Star Dust… or Not

So apparently we’re formed
from cosmic dandruff,
ashes from a stellar furnace
reintegrated into planets
and people.
By Jupiter, it has a ring to it!
Makes you feel rather celestially grand until
you realize that everything
is made of stardust;
the chair, the cat,
your teacup and somehow
the concept of exclusive grandeur flickers and
fades like the star you wished upon
last night.


PS. (If we’re made of star stuff I think my knee is going nova)

A Day With the Sun On Its Brow

Give me a day with the sun on its brow,
with a breeze ‘round its shoulders.
A day with a rain-washed sky,
blue as your eyes and deep
like pebbles down a well.
A sky where clouds have wandered
off to some fold in the horizon.

Give me a night like a sigh in the dark,
where the sky is as close
as a lover’s caress
and I feel the breath
of a million stars stir my hair.
Then I close my eyes and dream
of the day with the sun on its brow.



Butterflies and Corpses

I used to love butterflies
till I found out they’re attracted to corpses.
I used to love sunsets
till I found out radiation can blind you.
And I used to love stars that twinkle, then I read
that apparently most of them are already dead
I’m not sure if there’s a dark side to a rainbow
but I used to love them too.

It’s a dangerous pastime and a foolish act,
loving things you know can’t love you back
and now that I understand what they really are
I’ll just like butterflies, sunsets, rainbows and stars,
but I’ll go on loving you.



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