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The Load

Dig deep, dig deep.
Memories keep
every beat
of your heart in a velvet vault.

Eyes wide, eyes wide.
See what’s inside,
between the lines
that are written all over the wall.

Pull back, pull back,
memories lack
every day’s knack
of adding bends in the road.

Hold on, hold on,
bend and be strong.
When is it wrong
to refuse to carry the load?



My Cloak of Bravery

How is it that you
can look into my eyes and
see strength and courage

But when I look in
the mirror all I see is
fear and cowardice?

It must be a trick
of the light and you’re seeing
your own reflection.

If I wear a cloak
of bravery, it’s because
you wrapped it ‘round me.




The waves are higher now
they have eaten the sand at my feet
and knocked me down day after day.
But not this day.
This day I paddle out to meet them,
harness them, ride them, become them
feel their power, see their course,
and when they fall I will have learned to
cast myself forward into dreams,
knocking down obstacles,
but, unlike the waves and
unlike the obstacles,
I will not fall.


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