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Morning Song

The morning dawns with a pale, flat light
and eases out the last of night,
tired of black, you’d think she might
squeeze out a little spark.

But no, her bland illumination
consists of gray and its gradations.
You’d think there’d be some small temptation
to make the world less stark.

Lightening now, the grays turn whiter
as though the celestial lamplighter
decided graciously to right her
obvious shortcomings

And now a hint of blue I see
emerging o’er the snow clad trees
and a band of peachy red that seems
to set the sky a humming.

The light grows stronger now and gleams
on silent, stately evergreens
who rouse themselves from winter dreams
and start to switch and sway.

And as the wind begins to shake
their cloaks of snow to falling flakes.
Pink clouds begin to thin and break
and simply float away.

Winter white returns full force
and day progresses in its course
I’ll let it go, with some remorse;
this fleeting, lovely thing.

Another winter sunrise gone.
But I’ll recall the day that dawned
and spread her colours on my lawn
and made the morning sing.



Morning Promise

When the leaves are gone
twined arms and tangled fingers
sieve the sunrise light

into stained glass shards
that rise, fade, and seep into
a morning promise.


Morning Horizon

Pink clouds on blue sky,
sunrise gently traces a
lingering caress.


Chasing the Sunrise

I chased a sunrise this morning
I almost caught it
on film
the reds
went pink
and the oranges lost their glow
before I could click the button and I’ll
have to just remember it
my eyes a truer lens
my memory a faster shutter
my heart a more vivid palette for the
sunrise I chased this morning.



The Comforting Sun

Sunrise blaze a trail
out of my long, sleepless night.
Lull me back to sleep.



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