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Musings on Television

I don’t get TV at home
but sometimes, when I’m on the roam,
and sitting in some hotel room,
I turn the darn thing on.

I’ll scan the listings patiently
and flip through channels just to see
if anything might interest me
before I click along.

Far from tempting me to change
from my television-less ways,
these infrequent, boredom fuelled, forays
reinforce my first impression

that the more the choice the less the chance
I’ll find something to catch my glance
Unless, of course, by happen-stance
A classic movie’s on.

But commercials swarm and I swat ‘em
until I’m lost and have forgotten
what movie I am actually watching.
What pleasure is in that?

So by the time I get back home,
I’m glad for my TV-less home,
where there are no commercial drones
or dreaded talk show chat.


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