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I See, or Not…

Does squinting really make things easier to see?

It seems like it should be about as effective

as pushing on the dashboard

to make the car go faster.

And yet as I screw up my face

into wincing wrinkles

the word will sometimes float up

for a split second and I can skim

the essence off the top,

like alphabet soup noodles roiling

in a pot of boiling stock

and if I read fast enought I can

get the gist.

Such is life when the cataracts

are acting up.














Open eyes can see the day.

Closed eyes can see at night.

The blurred place between the two

breeds dreams and faint twilight

where alternate realities

whisper whys into my ear

The only question is if I

will heed the truth in what I hear.

Is my heart brave enough to chance

unknown seas, without a chart?

Open eyes can see the day.

Closed eye see in the dark.



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