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Confessions of a Craft Addict

As a child I learned to sew by hand.
Then knitting and crochet lessons began.
As a teen I embroidered jackets and jeans
with fanciful creatures and Tolkien-esque scenes.

I made dolls and stuffed animals and toys for my kiddos
I don’t think there was anything I would get rid of.
I made rugs from old tee shirts, quilts from old scraps,
candles from crayons and paraffin wax.

Corn husks became dollies, I restored antiques
before Martha and pinterest and shabby was chic.
Then came weaving (backstrap) and weaving with beads.
Macrame, the gateway craft that leads…

…to quilling with quills and quilling with paper
and miniature crafting, like a form of escape.
Foil candy wrappers folded like stars.
The wood burning tools that left nasty scars.

I’ve wire wrapped beads, I’ve carved and I’ve felted,
made oddly shaped flowers from plastic I’ve melted,
What started as freebie, recycled, make do,
has cost me a fortune in supplies and glue.

Maybe someone should organize an intervention
to separate me from my crafty inventions.
But please wait until all my projects are done
That’ll be, let me see… when I’m a hundred and one!



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