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Gone are the days of running top speed
at hurdles, leaping, landing, launching off
towards the next one.
That is not to say the hurdles have won.
Time brings wisdom that
suggests a more thoughtful,
coordinated attack.
Bring out the step stool, detour
around the hurdles, or perhaps
just plant climbing roses at their base
and watch the hurdle bloom.


Hats Off

Many women are accused
of having far too many shoes
I haven’t fallen prey to that
but I know I have too many hats.

The hat I wear when I’m at work;
in charge and self-assured.
The hat I don when I’m alone
and feeling insecure.

The singer hat is large enough
to hide behind on stages.
The ‘Mother Hat’ endows me with
the wisdom of the ages.

My friend hat is much smaller
and is more for decoration.
My artist hat is paint stained
with high-lights of frustration.

My writing hat is comfortable
I wear it every day.
The hat I wear to clean the house
I’d like to throw away.

But I’m happiest going hatless,
the way you taught me to.
Today I’ve made the time to take
all my hats off to you.




Foolishness accepts
only the facts that support
its myopic lens.

Realists believe
their version of what is real
is the only truth.

Dreamers just ignore
anything that doesn’t fit
their beautiful dream.

Wise ones know that they
will never have all the facts.
Wisdom always doubts.



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