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Cyberspacial Limbo – a haiku lament

I showed up at the usual meeting place for my Saturday morning writers’ group only to find that I’d gotten the dates wrong. As I sat drinking my Market Spice Tea and nibbling on my fresh baked tea biscuit (Faking Sanity yummies) I connected to the internet with my netbook and tried to track down my writing buddies. I tried Facebook and email etc… no one was online! Finally I just phoned someone and confirmed my suspicions that I’d managed to be a week early!
Because I had another appointment later that day, I decided to get another tea and just do some writing – any kind of writing. What I ended up with is a six verse haiku lament about not being able to locate someone online.

Cyberspacial Limbo

Where are you now, friend?
Does my email languish in
your full spam inbox?

My friend request lost
In cyberspacial limbo?
Twitter me this, dear.

Why stumble upon
My space? I hear your word press
Against my ear, dear.

Well, Skype my I M !
Your broken link can’t find the
Internet Highway.

I spell your name – search,
But the way back machine lies,
As though you’re still there.

I Google you now.
Your SEO has fallen
From grace, you diggit?

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