Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

It’s Not a Secret Anymore

For all the problems in our lives
that crop up day to day
someone wrote a book about
the myriad of ways
to deal with, cope with, solve, or end,
exploit or just ignore them,
based on their experience of
what others wrote before them.
As if the simple answer simply
wasn’t good enough
we dress it up and make it dance
and add a lot of stuff
to make it sexy, make it cool
to make you think you need it
and charge you nineteen ninety five
to take it home and read it.

I’ll give you freely the advice
given free to me
because a world of happy souls
is where I want to be.
Ask for what you want in life
then dare to believe it.
Paint the picture in your mind
then smile as you receive it.



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