Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Willie, Phil, and Me

It’s Groundhog Day in Canada and in the U.S. too
A time to watch the rodent to see what it will do.
Did it see its shadow or did the sun shine bright?
Will it stay and play a while or yawn and say ‘goodnight’?
It is an odd tradition, ground hog prognostications,
So fixed within the hearts and minds of our respective nations.
But up here in the northland we don’t have ground hogs
And if we did, right now they’d all be sleeping just like logs.
They wouldn’t even try to wake and look outside the den
Cause first they’d have to shovel off the snow and ice and then
The sun might still be shining while it’s twenty five below
Perhaps that’s why we have no hogs, perhaps they all got froze.
I’ll tell you this, no matter what prediction your hog brings
Even six more weeks of winter here means a fairly early spring.


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