Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Reinvention

“It’s time to reinvent.”

“Okay, so what first?”

“The inventory, what do we have to work with? What does our source material look like?”

“Well, some decent skills and experience here, some talents but they’re pretty well buried under paperwork and redtape.”

“Here, you grab that end of the paperwork and I’ll get this end, now, shift.”

“Hmm… they’re a little flattened but I think they’ll bounce back.”

“They’ll have to do, they’re all we’ve got.”

“What about this over here?”

“Well I’ll be! A soul! I never noticed it was missing.”

“Could be why the crushing was so extensive, the soul wasn’t in it, couldn’t mitigate the damage.”

“Look, it’s in really good shape. Yeah, we can do something with this. And look what it’s sitting on top of, a heart.”

“Maybe it was shielding the heart.”

”Could be. The heart is still quite strong for a model this old.”

“Okay, we’ve got skills, talent, experience, one soul, and one heart. Anything else we need to do this reinvention.”

“Yep, and it’s all around you.”

“What, this gooey stuff?”

“Yep. That, my friend, is the the glue that hold it all together, the creative spirit. Get the wet vac, this is going to take a while.”



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