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You’re Part of the Dysfunctional Family of Man

I had a thought the other day
about all the people who lived before the Christian religion
got organized.
Where did they go when they died?
Did they default to Hell
or get grandfathered in to Heaven?
Or did they have to hang around in some sort
of purgatory – God’s waiting room – until He got all the rules
figured out
and carved in stone.
I think He should have carved them in stone a lot earlier.
Like before He had kids.
And added one about not eating those apples,
Maybe Eve didn’t realize it was a ‘rule’
Thought it was just a guideline, although,
why did He put the dumb tree there if He didn’t want
them to eat the fruit?
If you had kids, would you leave the Tylenol lying around
(without a childproof cap) and just tell them “hey,
Don’t eat these”
Come on! What kid can resist that?
And then get all pissy and kick the kids out of the house
and pretty much ignore them for centuries.
(with occasional frightening visits disguised as a burning bush or to flood the world)
Then He sends his “real son” (so what, the people He created
weren’t His children after all – were they ‘adopted’ or something?)
To straighten the dumb adopted kids out.
Sounds like God created the first dysfunctional family to me.



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