Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

My Brain – Part I

It’s a strange world
run by squirrels,
that place inside my brain,
with notions, emotions,
and champagne oceans,
and at least one derailed train
of thought.

And I wonder if a pigeon with the flu
says cu-cu-katchoo?



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5 thoughts on “My Brain – Part I

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  2. Absolutely love this poem. Apart from being catchy, that elusive but lovely thing which makes us appreciate some poetry (think jingle) it’s full of wit, melody and rhythm. The buffer line of “of thought” works in complete harmony with the metaphor of ‘train’ which preceeds it. The throw-away couplet that serves as a counterpoint at the end sends me back into the brain of the narrator-poet and underlines the whole poetic trope.

    Well, that’s the analysis bit, really I just love it to bits.


    Best wishes. Neil

    • Thank Neil. That was great, just like workshopping the poem! It’s cool to see my poems as others see them them. My underlying motivation for writing a poem a day and posting it immediately was to learn to circumvent the ‘inner critic’, but from some of the input I’m starting to get I can see that there are great possibilities for growth in technique as well. I do appreciated the time taken to leave detailed and considered comments.

  3. Your brain can afford champagne? Lucky brain! 😉 Nice images, especially the squirrels!

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