Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Message in a Bottle

I find a bottle bobbing in the water by the shore,
A dark green bottle with its label gone.
the cork is tight, the glass is wet, which makes it quite a chore
to hold the bottle while the cork is drawn.

In fact it takes me longer than I think it will because
I just can’t pry the cork out of the neck.
I shake it and it rattles like a paper message does
I sigh and smash the bottle all to heck.
And there, amongst the green glass shards, the cursive missive rests
So finally I have the words I seek.
“Congratulations! You are rich” the silly note attests
“This bottle is a priceless, rare antique!”


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10 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. I wonder if this refers to all the treasure placed before us and we routinely destroy with our impatience, words and actions…treasures like true love. Peace, Eric

    • Thank you for this comment Eric. Yes, I think sometimes we are so focused on what we think is of value that we ignore, neglect, or actually destroy what truly is valuable, as you say, like true love.

  2. Tony Crafter on said:

    Good analogy, that’s exactly what it feels like! 🙂 And sometimes that cat-chase can leave you on a real adrenaline-high. (Mind you, by the time you’ve completed those remaining 300+ poems, you’ll feel like you’ve run a marathon!)

  3. Tony Crafter on said:

    Nice! As we Brits would say, that last line is a smasher 🙂

    I’m very impressed with this prolific daily output, Linda; what a challenge to set yourself! The resulting book will be a gem.

    • My Mum was from England and I have extended family over there so I’ve definitely heard the term ‘smasher’ before – I’m very flattered, thank you Tony. (the double entendre of ‘smasher’ to describe a poem about smashing a bottle was not lost either;) ). There are day when it’s easier than others but I’m committed now (or possibly I should BE committed) and I’ve only got anothe 306 poems to go!

  4. I had quite a laugh at the last line of this poem!! lol. Great stuff!

    • I actually didn’t realize the turn the poem would take until I was nearly finished! It was a surprise to me too! Thanks for the kind words!

      • Tony Crafter on said:

        That’s the beauty of creative writing; you start off leading the way and end up following. I’ve found this so many times and it’s what I love so much about the craft, it’s an exploration inside your own head* and it never ceases to bring forth magical surprises. I’ve often wondered what we tap into at such moments – is it that mythical Cosmic Consciousness or is it seams of creative intuition that lie waiting inside our own brains just waiting to be mined? Or none of the above! Anyway, I’ll stop there before I start sounding too much like a geek! 😉

        *Which is in a way what you’re saying in your My Brain poems I guess, Linda.

      • No geeks here, this is a label free zone! lol. I agree, when you suddenly feel like writing has become channelling and the story or poem takes off with a jerk like a dog on the end of a leash when it’s seen a cat… yep, that’s a cool place to be alright!

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