Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…


Truth isn’t not there because it can’t be seen
anymore than air isn’t not there
because it’s invisible or the world isn’t not there
when our eyes are closed.

Truth is fact not fancy,
proof not pudding.
Truth is hard to find because it hides in plain sight.
Truth echoes in hollow arguments.

Unaltered by focus, rationalization, or cherished outcomes,
truth cannot be bent;
rather, we bend ourselves around the truth, hoping
it will set us free.


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4 thoughts on “Truth

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  3. I am humbled. Thank you for your kindness and your participation in this poem, Jackie.

  4. Profound and beautiful.
    It reminds me of Rumi
    “like the shadow I am yet am not”

    All of humanity needs to read your poem; especially now!


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