Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Me and Chuck

I had a plan of where to be and what to do and say
But chaos overtook my plan and random far away
and, tangled in string theory, that dimension now is loath
to interpret my existance as alive or dead or both.

If Schrodinger had named his cat he never would have thought
to use him in experiments and put him in a box.
I think I’ll spring Schrodinger’s cat, name him Chuck, and so,
like anomalous phenomena, we’ll just pick up and go.



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2 thoughts on “Me and Chuck

  1. Cynthia Livingstone on said:

    Good day, Linda. Well, not much I can comment on [just] yet. Blame my shabby education cuz I don’t get the reference to Mr. S’s cat. I will get back to you once I do some basic research and catch a couple more episodes of The Big Bang. But I do think Chuck is a fine name for a feline, especially a chubby one.

    • the ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ scenario is supposed to illustrate the quantum physics principal of superposition which, to my untrained brain, seems to posit – if there are two potential outcomes and you can’t see which one is true then both are true at the same time. In my short, uneducated version, Mr. S’s cat goes into a box with a bottle of poison and a radioactive substance. If an atom of the radioactive substance decays the bottle will break and kill the cat. If you don’t open the box you don’t know which happened so both are true at the same time. Of course the first thing I thought was if you left the box alone long enough, the cat would starve and spoil your silly experiment but then, I’m not a physicist! (by the way this was all just supposition, no cats were harmed in the writing of this poem). The ‘Chuck’ was a nod to Charles Fort, the writer who coined the term ‘teleportation’ in 1931. I just thought it would be nice if the cat had the ability to teleport out of the stupid box.

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