Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Time Out

I admit my addiction to minutes and hours,
my passive submission to time’s evil powers.
Clocks are the scourge of all civilization.
I try to ignore them when I’m on vacation.

But when I’m at home I check with the clock
before eating or sleeping or going for walks.
At work there’s a clock that thinks it controls
my every move, my heart and my soul.

At least where I live we don’t pander to time
by forwarding backwards in reasonless rhyme.
Most disappointments in life can be laid
in the hands of a clock that cold heartedly said,

“Sorry, no time left to do what you want to.”
Ticking and tocking and tolling they taunt you.
To Hell with this ‘saving time’, daylight or not.
I say pull the plug and let ’em all rot!


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