Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Not a Sonnenizio*

I tried to write a poem in that form,
adopt a line and cleverly disguise
the echoed word that weaves a cloth unseen,
a tapestry where flecks of colour rise,
surfacing in different forms and meanings,
piquing our poetic predilection
for novel constructs growing from the roots
of established form and past perfection.
And although I’ve written poems before
where words repeat and lines are strictly rhymed
Somehow I couldn’t find a way to start
I couldn’t force myself to use a line
that some other poet penned before me
and subvert that poet’s true intention
by warping it into my weft of words
by making it my own by some extention.

Can’t write a sonnenizio for you
Instead I wrote the poem above, in lieu.

*Sonnenizio: a form invented by Kim Addonizio where the first line is taken from someone else’s sonnet then one word from that line is repeated in each of the subsequent 13 lines, ending in a rhymed couplet.

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