Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

How to Twist Wire

Now take the wire in your left hand, the pliers in your right
and make a ninety degree bend not quite halfway along
rather like that bend in the road that I took
when I met your father.

Now, put down the regular pliers and pick up
the round nosed ones and twist a loop into the wire,
somewhat like the loop your arrival twisted
into our lives, perfect, symetrical,
the first full twist on a DNA strand.

Now grasp that loop with the regular pliers, hold firm,
sort of like we did when you rebelled, although you were
a decidedly reasonable child.

Now take a few wraps
around the wire, tight and close,
much like the way we’ve always been.

Now snip off the left over wire, the part left over
that needs to find another purpose, another role,
a bit like your journey into independence.

Now string your gems and pearls.




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