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Can't Put the Pen Down…

Switch It, Swell Gig, Eh?

I’ll anagram most anything from spam to poems it seems.
the challenge unimaginably galvanising teems

with discipline distilling gems, sublime equals absurd
watch well for likely matches, verse and spillikins of words

paraphrase synonymity, explore the syllabary
wondering what’s cached within the language library

flawlessly stow  letters, web the rhythm, glibly winning
the sudden nice advance by the shuddering  final inning

why do we blog quirky poems with messages obscure
spanning and inciting a re-verse subculture?


This was a challenge to myself! I wanted to anagram a poem so I started with “The Scathing Nausic Lingle”, my nonsense poem of the day before yesterday and anagrammed it into the poem above. Thanks for inviting me to  Tony. I know I’m going to have fun over there!

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2 thoughts on “Switch It, Swell Gig, Eh?

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Delighted you took up my invitation to join us Linda! I’m also delighted to see you’ve posted this ‘poemagram’ there (to great acclaim, may I add!) That is a very impressive debut, and even more so considering you’ve anagrammed one of your own creations. I don’t think anybody has done this before and I have to confess, my first attempt at anagramming poetry was nowhere near as good as this. You’ll be a huge asset to the Anagrammy Forum and hopefully this poetry art-form will add another dimension to your book because there aren’t a lot of people out there doing this.

    I presume you used Anagram Artist to help you compose this? The great thing is, it’s also an anagram checker, and it’s always a wonderful feeling to see that word ‘MATCH’ come up when the anagram is finally completed!

    Well done!

    • Thanks Tony. The anagramy crew were very welcoming and I got a real kick out of how some of them anagrammed my name! Yes I used Anagram Artist – what a great tool. Up to this time my anagramming was on single lines – where each line was an anagram of itself, so it was still manageable manually, but I can see that a tool like anagram artist is a realy boon if you’re doing long pieces, it keeps you honest! The word Match has never been so satisfying!

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