Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Things I Know For Certain

The keys of B and E have no sharps.
B&Es are done on flats by people who don’t have keys.

Black is absence of reflected light while white is the acceptance.
To see things in black and white reflects an absence of acceptance.

Tempered metal doesn’t break when you hit it
People with tempers tend to break and hit back.

Other than that it’s all pretty much by guess and by golly.



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5 thoughts on “Things I Know For Certain

  1. By guess and by golly…. lots of deep thoughts this week, Madame Poet. You get the black, the white, the greys, the whole colour wheel. Love finding your daily poem each morning. It is like going to the henhouse and finding a nice, warm egg nestled there – waiting for me to cup it, savor it. Maybe even share…

  2. A very clever poem.

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