Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

English Lesson #1

“There” is about placement,
“over here, over there.”
“Their” is possessive
“that is yours, this is theirs.”

“They’re” is a contraction
where the apostrophe
replaced the letter “a” because
“They’re” means “They are”, you see.

Very much like “you’re”,
which really means “you are”
not like “your,” possessive,
“my bicycle, your car.”

And then we get to where and were,
to switch them is infernal.
“Where” belongs with “Here and There”
“Were” is “Was”, just plural.

“Then” stands for a place in time
“I’ll go home then, you’ll see.”
“Than” requires comparison
“He’s much taller than me.”

Thank you for your tolerance
of my semantic raving.
But English is my native tongue
and I think that it’s worth saving.



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2 thoughts on “English Lesson #1

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Good day, Linda. In defense of English today, I see. Perhaps you should re-title this missive The Lonely Soldier. Trudge on, trudge on.

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