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Not a Poem -Update

Dear friends,

just to let you know that the reason the poems have been short lately is that my dear partner had a heart attack and we had to fly out to Edmonton. Good news is that the stent is in and he’s feeling much better. Hope to be home and start the journey to normalcy very soon.


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3 thoughts on “Not a Poem -Update

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    So sorry to hear that Linda. My very best wishes to your partner for a speedy recovery and a return to full fitness. I think you can be excused for the short poems, you’ve done well to keep the production going at all!

  2. Cynthia L. on said:

    Knowing the backstory makes your short poems especially poignant. They are short, but condensed, essential distillations of the moment. Very proud that you kept writing in the midst of the tempest. You do a great honour to writing and to Bill. Yesterday’s poem NOW had the shaped of an inversted teardrop. That struck me as much as the words.

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