Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Lullaby of ‘L’

Lingering like the light on the lilac leaf
in a lacy limbus where it lies.
listening to the lyric of a liquid laugh,
Lilting like a lonely lullaby.

The lady lives in limbo in a long lament
learning lovelorn litanies of lies
from less than lovely letters from her long lost love,
luckless lapses littering her life.

She lets the loathsome letters linger lightly in her lap
then looks at light laid on the lilac limb
then laughs at love and listens to the lazy lullaby
and lets the lilting loose her lock on him.



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2 thoughts on “Lullaby of ‘L’

  1. Can’t beat a nice bit of alliteration… 😉

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