Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Other Jungles

Traffic roars in the dawn.
Vertical blinds rattle like bamboo in the breeze.
I arm myself with keys and cell phone for my trek to the office.
Later I stalk grocery aisles
with my trusty bank card and list by my side.
Successful, I haul home the spoils,
this evening we will feast upon fat free cottage cheese
and whole grain bread.
Darkness descends and we sit
in the flickering light of the 50 inch TV
and dream of other jungles.
The traffic growls us to sleep.



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3 thoughts on “Other Jungles

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Those first 3 lines would make a great start to a short story! Love the bamboo blinds rattling in the breeze, ties in nicely with the jungle theme.

    • Thanks Tony, that’s an interesting thought – I recently took a poem and turned it into a short story for a creative writing class I was taking. I’ll have to have a closer look at those three lines and see if they take me somewhere. 🙂

      • Tony Crafter on said:

        Turning a poem into a short story sounds like an interesting exercise! I’ve found that the best fiction always has a lyrical quality about it and those first three lines of yours certainly took me to plenty of places!

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