Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Snow White Revisited – Part I

Once they’d been happy, just her, the kind, sweet king she’d married and his little girl that she’d vowed to raise as her own. Of course he was gone a lot. Dragons, wars, and such took up a lot of his time, and sometimes he was away for weeks.

He’d programmed her laptop’s desktop to show a picture of her with an audio clip that said ‘Who’s the fairest of them all? You are my Queen.’
It was part of a silly little poem he’d written for her years ago, and it was comforting to hear his voice when he was away, so she tended to listen to it a lot.

Then one day he didn’t come home, damn dragon, there hadn’t even been a body to bury. And Snow White, the sweet little girl, now in high school, rebelled royally.

‘You’re not my real mother’ Snow hissed at her regularly. ‘I’m a princess, I can do whatever I want’ and she’d flounce off. The queen sighed and sent the huntsman to trail her, just to be sure Snow didn’t get into any serious mischief.
One day Snow got into the Queen’s laptop and erased the audio clip, substituted her own picture for the one of the young queen, and recorded a new clip. ‘Who’s the fairest in the land? Why Snow White of course!’

The queen went ballistic. The only way to ever hear his voice again, gone. Her heart broke, it was the last straw.

Snow White get in here this instant” she roared. “I’m gonna kill you!”

Of course, the threat was just a figure of speech. She’d actually planned something a bit less final, although still quite drastic

‘Where are those brochures for Princess Reform School? ’she muttered.

But Snow hadn’t heard a word. Snow White had wandered off again and this time she had managed to elude the huntsman. By the time he reported back to the queen all they knew was that a small, shifty looking character had been talking to her in the school parking lot and she’d gone off with him into the woods.

 to be continued…



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