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Not a Poem – Milestones – Halfway there on Sunday!

As I sneak up on the halfway point of my “Poem a Day for a Year” project I can see several things I’ve gained from the exercise that I didn’t foresee. Some of the readers have enjoyed my poems on a deep personal level. I’ve had one turned into a performance piece (with drums!). I’ve met and chatted with people from around the world and found that we are truly more alike than we are different, at least in the important things. I’ve discovered that I can commit to a regime if it’s important to me (so apparently all those diets and exercise programs just weren’t important enough! lol). I’ve discovered lots of other poets out there, trying, like I am, to make sense of the world through their poetry. And more personally, I have found that the ability to chanel thoughts and dreams and desires into poetry on a regular basis has given me deeper insights into my own path in life.  I have found vindication for my assertion that “the poem is already written, I just have to remember it” as some of the mornings that seemed so rushed and creatively dry turned into some of my (in my humble opinion) best work as soon as I stopped trying so hard.
On Sunday, June 24th, I will reach the halfway point in the year of poetry. I hope you will stop by and comment on one or more of the 183 poems and say hi! Kind of like a party or an open house… I think it would be very cool to try and set a record number of visits for that day! And thank you all for visiting and participating in  “A Poem a Day for a Year”.


Linda Studley aka ‘The Poet at the Bottom of the Well”

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2 thoughts on “Not a Poem – Milestones – Halfway there on Sunday!

  1. Cynthia on said:

    Congratulations as you cross the center line. Aim for the net! Keep you stick on the ice, as Red Green is wont to say.

    • I actually timed it wrong you know – I’ll get to the end of this one poem a year thing on Christmas Eve – it’ll probably pass by unnoticed ’cause everyone will be busy stuffing socks and drinking eggnog! lol. So I guess I’ll have to plan on a book launch instead – “The Best of the Poem a Year Project” and maybe have some guest performers doing some of the poems etc… – It could be very fun…

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