Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Brain Crumbs

When my mind goes wandering
and my thoughts begin to roam
I leave a trail of brain crumbs
to find my way back home.

But sometimes they get picked up
and carefully tucked away
by those who have no crumbs
of their own with which to play.

So if you see some brain crumbs
on some existential plane
let them lie, or I might not
find my way home again.



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3 thoughts on “Brain Crumbs

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Whoops! A superfluous ‘upon’ in the 6th line, and a ‘b’ missing from ‘stumbled’ later on. Brain crumb to self: ‘Re-read more carefully before posting comment.’

    • Tony you are so funny! You even edit your own comments! lol! Maybe I’ll file away a writing prompt to write about “brain crumb pudding” – a good way to use up all those crumbs we collect! lol

  2. Tony Crafter on said:

    Interesting concept! The verbal equivalent must be those people who start to relate a story and then go off on several tangents, finally ending up down a blind alley having completely forgotten what point they were making in the first place. The reason is simple; somebody followed them down the alley and made off with their brain crumbs! On a mental level, when we embark on a creative writing session and ideas come to us unbidden, have we come across upon somebody else’s brain crumbs? Conversely, when, whilst in a reverie, we come up with a really innovative idea for a story-plot -and then instantly forget it – only to find months later that somebody has written a best-selling novel using that precise idea, have they stumled upon our brain-crumb trail? Heck, I must have lost several loaves in those alleyways, which is why I’d be hard pressed to make a decent literary-sandwich out of my writing achievements!

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