Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free

I rose this morn with a silly song
wending through my noggin’.
It echoed ‘round, lobe to lobe,
my memory all a’joggin’.

and Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
was the absurd refrain.
Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
bouncing ‘round my brain.

Now I like dill and dumplings too
as much as anyone
But can’t imagine why I’d think
to put them in a song!

and Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
was the crazy chorus
Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
the words do nothing for us

but confuse the questions, like
why are the dumplings free?
and why can’t I recall the verse
or what it means to me?

Oh Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
I’m doomed to sing the rhyme
Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
if I sing it enough times

Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
you’ll catch the contagion
Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
in your imagination.

Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
tomorrow, the ditty spreads
and Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free
will be echoing in your heads!



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2 thoughts on “Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Well, Paul McCartney dreamed the song ‘Yesterday’ and was singing the title for days as ‘Scrambled Eggs’. Could there be a parallel here? Will we all be singing ‘Dilly Dilly Dumpling Free’ for the next 50 years? In your case, I wouldn’t change the words though – they’re fine as they are 🙂

    • Silly poem really, but then, I just promised one a day, I never actually vouched for their creative integrity! But anytime anyone wants to compare my work with Paul McCartney’s I’ll take it, no matter how tenuous!! 😉 lol

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