Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

To My Math Teacher

I knew it wouldn’t have mattered
how many apples I had
you wouldn’t want any.
You didn’t like apples.
No one ever brought you apples.

And how could I have known
how long it would take to reach that other town?
I couldn’t drive back then,
I could barely ride my bike.
I’ve never paid attention to how long it takes
to drive anywhere, even now.

But if, one day, while driving to town
at sixty miles an hour, I should meet you
coming from the other direction
driving at forty five miles an hour,
I’ll wave.


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3 thoughts on “To My Math Teacher

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  2. cynthia l on said:

    Still chuckling at this one. Ah, the Artsie and the Apple. Pretty much sums up my apitude for – and attitude towards – math, new or old 🙂

    • as it turns out I was right to not learn it since I’ve never needed to know at which point these two drivers will meet, besides, this is the Peace Country, everyone’s always late anyway!

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