Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Move Along

What are you searching for?
I may touch upon
a chord that sings for you
but still…
the notes will eventually fade
and you will be on your own again
to search or to create a poem
of your own.

Take heart and write,
write your heart and perhaps
you will touch upon a chord that sings for others.

But if critique is your only way to interpret,
this is not the poem you’re looking for.
Move along.



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2 thoughts on “Move Along

  1. Linda, difficult as it may be, you are getting to be a better and better writer. Is this “Can’t put the Pen Down” BLOG your own idea? May I try to copy the formula? Of course I will name it something else. Race.

    • Thanks for the kudos, Race. “Can’t Put the Pen Down – just as if I was in my write mind” is the name of my blog, but many people have writing blogs on wordpress although I’m not sure how many are as masochistic about posting everyday as I am. The Poem a Day for a Year project started Dec 24th 2011 and will wind down on Christmas Day this year as I simply need time to edit, format, and publish. I may start another project after that – not sure, but I’ll certainly keep on posting poems; perhaps just not as often. If you’re looking for a platform for a blog just go the the bottom of any of the pages and on the left side you’ll see a link to . I have been very happy with the options and the ease of use on WordPress.

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