Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Memories and Dreams

 I was afraid of heights
then I felt the wind rush ‘neath my wings,
dwelt in the mindless joy of the dive, swoop, and reel,
hung motionless and watched the world spin beneath me
and when I awoke I felt your breathe on my shoulder and
somehow it was not a dream. 

I was afraid of the dark
then I opened my eyes to the hidden colours of black
and saw the auras shining, blue-green, gold, red,
pulsing around tree and leaf, rock and sand, ocean and raindrop,
eagle and ant.
I watched them shimmer and breathe and
when I awoke I watched your shadow emerge
from the darkness beside me and
somehow it was not a dream.

I was afraid of thunder and lightning
then I rode a grey, rumbling mantle across the sky,
drawn by an electric destiny I leapt into your arms
freefalling a jagged streak
we crashed and flashed our meeting and
when I awoke the smell of ozone lingered around us and
somehow it was not a dream.

I used to be afraid of losing you but
I’m not anymore.
It is not a dream.


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