Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Seasonal Siblings

Spring, the pampered baby of the seasonal family,
spoiled and cossetted. Every sunny smile a miracle,
every quivering green leaf a first step.  Even her  sudden
warm tears are welcome and end in rainbows. 

Summer, the simmering sister with the California smile,
all light and flowers and lazy self indulgence. The golden girl
that everyone wants as their friend. The seasonal
celebrity, paparazzi in her wake in campers and motorhomes.

Autumn, serenity with an edge, the generous big brother
with the fatalistic sense of humour. The sadness behind the
beauty of fallen leaves and soft winds. He shares his bounty freely
but behind each cornucopia lurks the knowledge that even he
can’t protect us from the other one…

Winter, the evil twin, all temper and disdain.
The long thin sneer on the calendar,
The ice tiger with a taste for frozen blood.
Howling paranoia that feeds on fear and rejection
piling wrath at our doors, gnawing exposed flesh
like a crazed piranha until, sated at last,
he expires into puddles at spring’s tiny feet.


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4 thoughts on “Seasonal Siblings

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Great! I love ‘Summer, the simmering sister with the California smile’ and Winter ‘The ice tiger with a taste for frozen blood’.
    Speaking of Winter, in the first line did you mean ‘distain’ as in ‘to stain or sully’ or ‘disdain’ as in ‘to scorn, treat with contempt’? (Sorry, it’s the proofreader coming out in me!)

  2. johnnycrabcakes on said:

    Fabulous! “…at springs tiny feet.” Love the progression love the full circle.
    Makes me wonder…
    …does one’s latitude
    affect one’s attitude
    towards these same siblings…? ;-}

    • Mr. Jimmy Buffet said it best “Changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes… nothing remains quite the same…” Yes, I imagine if I was living on the equator I might be wondering what all the fuss about winter was! Thanks for the kind words Johnny!

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