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Han Shan Project – Poetry in the Trees

031poI recently sent a poem in to the Han Shan Project – to save McLellan Park Forest from development. it, along with nearly 200 others, some from some fairly famous poets, like Lorna Crozier, is now hanging in the trees ( see news article in Globe and Mail , and the Vancouver Sun)
If you have a poem for the Han Shan Project – contact Susan McCaslin – it may not be too late to have your poem (preferrably one to do with nature/trees) hanging in the Han Shan Project.

The Poem I sent to the project was one I wrote several years ago, a very modified sestina called “I Go To the Woods”


I Go to the Woods

I go to the woods
For the hush
Of golden
Leaves falling, the lilt
Of birdsongs, the scent
Of darkness.

There is a darkness
Of leaf mold in the woods.
The rich, earthy scent
Deadens footfalls to a hush
And the lilting
Breeze stirs the leaves of gold.

As the sunset lingers golden
One moment before the dark
Descends, the creek’s lilting
Voice trickles through the woods,
Until evening’s hush
Cloaks all. Sight, sound, scent.

Dawn’s gentle breath is sent
In streamers of gold
To nudge the hushed
And darkened
With tiny twitters lilting.

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