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Can't Put the Pen Down…

On to the Hard Copy Editing…

Well last night I finished editing on screen. There’s only so much editing you can do on a computer screen when the end product is meant to be printed on paper. At some point you have to hit the ‘print’ key and see what it looks like. Well 180 pages is still quite a bit of printing, and I formatted so the the print out would be 6×9 inch trade paperback size, so I think I’ll take it to my friendly neighbourhood print shop and get them to print it out for me. I want to see the pages actual size and order so I can see how they relate to each other. Because of the competition from e-books, I think that bound books need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as cleanly formatted and well proofed and edited. The book itself should appeal to the eye.

I guess that’s going to bring me to the next conundrum – the cover! What goes on the cover?

The title of the book is   “Falling Awake”

Monday the print out, then the cover brainstorming…



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