Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

The Amalgamation of My Many Selves

Dear Reader,

Today I am going to make a concerted effort to begin the reconciliation of  art, word, and music on my blog.
As some may know, in addition to being a writer I am also a musician/songwriter and a visual artist. Finding homes on the web for my different selves has been a challenge.
This writing blog has been such a happy place for me; easy to manage and with immediate contact to readers, that my music website has probably suffered from neglect. However it is a good website for a musician because it offers widgets that work for a musician, including streaming music and a roll over schedule of upcoming events…
The art has been uploaded to Flickr.

But I find myself wishing it was all in one place and I find myself liking this place the best (it could be because it doesn’t feel so solitary here – what with all of you popping in and commenting)

So please forgive me if the site looks a little disjointed for a bit as I am working towards amalgamating my many selves on this one piece of internet real estate.



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