Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Big Bang Bread

There were only supposed to be twelve spiral arms
of cinnamon and raisins.
Then my doughy universe began
to expand, in a big bang boom it bloomed over
the top of the pan and the distance between
raisins increased exponentially,
like far-flung stars hurtling apart until
the heat overwhelmed the live, growing yeast
of creation and baked them into place.
And that is why, instead of a dozen
cinnamon rolls, we have an enormous,
if sparsely populated,
loaf of raisin bread.
Big Bang Bread.
It’s not a theory anymore.


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5 thoughts on “Big Bang Bread

  1. Update required … the Big Bang has now been replaced by the Instantaneous Expansion Theory … whatever the Hell that is.

    • Lol! Okay, I’m workin’ on it. Actually, I think I saw a picture that summed up the ‘Instantaneous Expansion Theory’ the other day on Facebook… It showed the wreckage left behind when someone used a faulty pressure canner in their kitchen! What a mess!

  2. I’d like to taste this phenomenal bread. 🙂

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