Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…


Beware child.
At some point time speeds up.
I know, the scientists will deny
but one day you will look in the mirror
and cry
“Wait, what happened here?
When did yesterday become
twenty years ago?”
and your only
consolation will be
that your grandmother,
your great grandmother, and me
at some point thought the same.
But your daughter will remain
blithely unaware until that day
dawns on her and she’ll say
“Why didn’t she warn me?”
Even though you did.


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2 thoughts on “Beware

  1. Tony Crafter on said:

    Yep, all too true. I swear time accelerates as you get older; when I think of things that happened 20 years ago it seems like yesterday, when I project 20 years ahead it’s too scary to contemplate as I probably won’t even be here! When you’re young, the future seems to stretch out before you into infinity.
    Putting my proofreading hat on (and I’m probably just being picky), I’m wondering if there should be a questing mark after “Why didn’t she warn me.” (?)

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