Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…


A knife in the hand of a sensible person
can carve a toy or slice the bread
but in the hand of the cruel or evil
becomes a bringer of death instead.

An axe can be used to chop enough wood
to keep the winter’s cold at bay
or used by despots to silence the ones
whose dream of freedom get in their way.

Not long after Bell invented the phone,
that travellers use to call back home,
it was probably used by someone shady
to part life savings from little old ladies.

And the internet used correctly yields
all the knowledge we could possibly wish
unless perverted by despicable creeps
who cheat and lie and hack and phish.

And now we have the 3D printer
perfect for making prosthetic limbs
but in some back room some twisted mind
is making a bomb for a purpose grim.

So it seems for every advance we make
there’s always those who ignore the rules.
and it’s not the tool that does the harm,
it’s the tool who holds the tool.


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