Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Home Grown Conspiracies

…research shows that 77% of accident related injuries happen in the home…

A scalded hand while draining the pasta
a cut on your thumb from a broken glass, a
broken toe from stumbling into the door jamb (you weren’t wearing slippers!).

A wrenched shoulder reaching for cans
on a high shelf,  losing your balance
and falling off rickety ladders, (welcome to the broken hippers).

A sprained knee and a spasming  back
slipping on floors you recently waxed
and developing a nervous tick (trepidation starts to fill me).

Now here I stand at the top of the stairs
perhaps it’s time to whisper a prayer
to the Gods who protect klutzes like me (‘cos my home is trying to kill me).


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3 thoughts on “Home Grown Conspiracies

  1. Are you sure you weren’t watching over my shoulder and trying not to laugh too loud? 😉 It sounds so like me…

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