Linda Studley

Can't Put the Pen Down…

Kindness Addiction

It’s addictive.
Using your powers of observation,
not to find fault, or problems, or
reasons why something won’t work,
but to find success.
To find success,
not just in your own life,
but in the lives of those around you,
and then to speak up and tell them.
Tell them that you see the things they do,
admire their talent and passion, appreciate
their kindness and compassion.
It’s addictive I tell you.
It makes people smile, it liberates you
from thinking everything needs to revolve
around yourself.
It’s contagious too.
Observe – appreciate – then actually say something nice.
Get hooked.


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2 thoughts on “Kindness Addiction

  1. I can certainly vouch for this, it is a fine way of giving and nurturing. Lovely words Linda.

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